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Jeffrey8Music is just a record label or a hub for my-self-released-music. 

LIVE Radio Show Heard Around The World

Live RADio Show:  Lookout for special showtimes on the radio and new radio show coming the summer of 2018.  Listen to the sounds of Jeffrey8Music Spinning LIVE on  the radio in the NJ/Philadelphia/NY Area and around the world @ 


No upcoming events.

Dj mixes

Set live on WPRB 103.3 FM 6/29/2012


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Please Send Snail Mail & Music to the Address Below

We are more than happy to receive music from labels & artists from around the world. If we find that your music fits our unique taste and digestion process -- then we will play your music on our radio show. Also, if you just like to write us a letter for no apparent reason -- feel free to use the address below as well. Mail is cool and a lot of fun!

Princeton University / WPRB Attn: Jeffrey Arico

30 Bloomberg Hall Princeton, NJ 08544

(609) 727-1928